One of the most outstanding features brought by AWS for lambda is an AWS Lambda — Container Image Support

Why is that?

Simply because it allows migrating a lot of applications to AWS Lambda.
Before this, packaging dependencies and programming language support was quite a pain for developers new to serverless. On top, running these apps outside the Lambda was hardly possible without some heavy lifting

No, for now, there is still some work that needs to be done to prep those

This is because Lambda functions are being started and invoked in a very specific way, so all these…

My Alexa Echo (2nd gen) arrived today and the first thing was how to get my Spotify account working.

As I live in the Netherlands, there was some kind of issue with the location in my Amazon account vs Alexa settings.
There were options to pick Amazon music & couple others, but not Spotify

Spotify was disabled and you can’t pick it or link it

This should be relevant for everyone outside US, UK & Germany

There were 2 solutions :

  1. Sign in through a browser, then click “Accounts & Lists” on the top right.

Time to share something with the peers :) Have been working with python on my side projects and found a number of tools being quite useful during the development process. Some of them are quite hack’y, but this saves tones of time.
In the end, some of them are used on the daily basis.

Let's start from irregular ones…

Website laten maken Rotterdam Utrecht Amsterdam Den Haag

1. Live Python Tutor / Online Code Editor

This is the live programming mode (video intro), which continually runs and visualizes your code as you type. It’s highly experimental

Quite handy if you need to test couple lines of very simple…

Vladyslav Didenko


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